emma houton is a new york based vocalist, composer, and electronic musician who composes using electronic loops. they draw inspiration from folk songs and the turbulence of daily life, and are interested in pushing the boundaries of the human voice and creating a completely immersive sonic experience.

emma’s debut album the bath was released in 2021 by trapped animal records.

“the bath, the debut album from singer-songwriter emma houton—originally composed for an 8-voice choir, but houton decided to sing every part herself. the maturity on this first album is scary. highly recommended.”

ted gioa, author

“emma houton has delivered one of the year’s most singular albums…  what you hear is fluid, open to interpretation and occasionally approximates something akin to the cocteau twins’ greatest hits as played on singing wine glasses.”

the irish times

“houton’s voice is all her own, and she has very little interest in comforting or affirming. instead, she seeks to challenge, to drag us into a pained world of her own creation.”

beats per minute